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The Ram Law Firm P.A. is a full service Immigration law firm located in Orlando, Florida. Our law firm represents both corporate and individual clients around the world. Our firm s practice areas include employment-based immigration and nonimmigrant visas family-based immigration removal proceedings inadmissibility waivers consular process and naturalization.

At the Ram Law Firm P.A. we understand that each case is unique and fact specific we treat each client and matter as deserving of individualized attention. Our firm handles complex immigration cases that other attorneys wont take especially cases with criminal elements or novel legal arguments. We combine experience and knowledge with a genuine passion for working in this field and a personal interest in helping our clients obtain their goals.

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Temporary visas can allow you to obtain education, pursue business opportunities, work in professional jobs, travel, and engage in recreation while in the United States.

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The Ram Law Firm can represent clients in the United States anywhere in the world.

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Shortage of Highly Skilled IT Workers

Faced With a Shortage of Highly Skilled IT Workers Tech Companies Send H-1B Visa Petitions With Hopes of Making the Highly Competitive H-1B Lottery Today marks the first day USCIS begins accepting new H-1B filings.

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